Head Video Editor &

Graphics Artist

The Observatory (or The O for short) is a sportscast show produced by UTD TV, a student-run, on-campus TV station. The show has recently changed hosts, so we did a huge graphics overhaul on the entire series since it looked outdated. As the Head Editor, I worked with the producers and the host to ensure a consistent visual style for The O.


I coordinated with one of my editors to create motion graphics and an intro sequence. I made the graphic assets on Illustrator & Photoshop and sent them to my editor to animate. The results are two animated clips to be used in every episode.  


Graphics Artist &

Motion Graphics

The producer wanted a 2D interior graphic for the background of the show. I ended up creating two backgrounds:

Version 1 aired for 3 months before our manager advised us to change it. The colors were too bright and the image was static. Something about it seemed off when it was used in the video.

Version 2 is what we're currently using; I adjusted the color palette to be less saturated and added motion to it. The background didn't clash with the host or the other video elements.


The O Background V1 (OLD)
The O Background V1 (OLD)
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