Illustration is one of the earliest skills I picked up in my creative career, and it's something that I still continue to develop. 

I was able to partake in character and asset designs in various projects I pick up at UTD. The ATEC motion graphics lab course I took Summer 2019 really challenged my skills and expanded the range of styles I'm able to do.

Lately, I've been doing storyboarding work for some peers with their projects, so Pre-Production is something I recently picked up.


I picked up storyboarding when I wanted to improve my cinematography and comic art 

(little did I know that it's a crossover of my interests in film and illustration).

I took Pre-Production Design in ATEC and started doing storyboarding work for other student projects and capstones.

I did storyboard revision for Paulina Gil's "Adelante" and I'm currently working on Allison's capstone as their revisionist.

I was one of two storyboard artists on "The Neverending Story" and Motion Graphics Lab's "UTDesign Capstone Overview."

THE NEVERENDING STORY - 3rd story pass


I have a history of project management when it comes to graphic design and event planning. I currently help manage a video production pipeline for UTD TV, particularly in the post-production sector.

I enjoy working on community and team projects that require group contribution and  effort.



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Film & Cinematography, what more can I say? I grew up with the notion of admiring 2D works, which is why motion graphics animation is right up my alley. I have a background of editing videos as well; I worked on two short films produced by the TV station on campus.

In live-action works, I usually create the graphics, lower-thirds, and credits scene. The UTDesign Capstone animated video I did for MoGraph Lab was all flat graphics on After Effects. I had a great time rigging the 2D characters and animating them.