bird bird aiga color palette
bird bird aiga color palette

AIGA UTD Social Media Branding (Summer 2018)

Creative Director & Graphic Designer

AIGA UTD is a student organization that I founded with a colleague back in Spring 2018. At the time, we didn't have a communications director in charge of our social media and graphics, so I took the initiative to start us off on the right foot. 

Using the cyan blue of the national logo, I created a color palette that will be used for the next several Instagram campaigns to promote the student group.

All of these graphics were created on Photoshop to be used on the web. I'm particularly fond of infographics, so I really empathized that style as part of my design.


As of now, AIGA UTD's identity has changed drastically so we do not use this branding style any longer. Nonetheless, it was a rewarding experience and one of my proudest projects that I was able to execute.

See AIGA UTD's Instagram at @aigautd for any new updates and changes.

4a. summer org fair
4b. summer org fair
3a. AIGA UTD Mission Statement
3b. AIGA UTD Mission Statement
3c. AIGA UTD Mission Statement
3d. AIGA UTD Mission Statement
1a. first slide
1e. Event discounts
1b. design jobs
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1d. behance portfolio